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Start Generating Quality Leads in 35 Days without any technical knowledge

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Digital Marketing Outsourcing - Level I

A flexible digital kickstart for your business

DMO’s Level I is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs, consultants, startups, small & medium business, in need of a tailor-made lead generation process.

Start generating quality leads within the first 35 days without any technical knowledge. We will set up every single detail and hand over the management to you, along with the necessary instructions to manage your budget and follow up with your leads to initiate the sales process.

Time-saving, Effective, Efficient.

lead generation strategy

everything is taken care of

The “DMO Level I” package includes the setup, execution & optimization of targeted ads campaigns and 4 meetings to prepare your strategy, train you & hand-over.

A complete online Lead Generation system up and running that (almost) automatically captures Quality Leads ready for you to engage with.

You will only need to manage your own budget and we’ll make sure you learn.


A successfully tested strategy that will start to deliver Quality Leads within 35 days. Almost automatically!


Don't worry about anything of technical, our support team will handle it all. 12 months of free tech support.


No monthly management fees. That means more budget for sponsored ads and we'll teach you how to manage it


"Results or Refund" policy: you either start getting Quality Leads in 35 days or you get back your investment on us

You don't need to know how to build a car to drive one. You just need to learn how to operate the vehicle

How does it work

  • Meeting 1 - Preparation

    Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions to give us the required credentials/access to Facebook Business Manager. Then we will schedule a Zoom meeting to define your Objectives in terms of Leads, the Target Audience and other important details to get started.

  • Meeting 2 - Let's connect with your Target Audience

    After 5 days we will meet again and go through the first ads campaigns. At this stage the objective is to establish a first contact with your Target Audience. We will run these campaigns for two weeks while monitoring the results and fine tuning the ads. Now it's all about getting your Target Audience know about your business.

  • Meeting 3 - Let's generate Leads

    15 days later we will meet up and review the results. By now we should have reached a significant amount of people and it’s time to start getting real signs of interest. We will at this point start retargeting anyone who has interacted with the ads, liked/followed the brand and/or visited the website to offer the Lead Magnet and begin generating Leads.

  • Meeting 4 - Time for you to take over

    15 more days later - Last meeting: time for you to take over. By now your system has been fine tuned and is already generating Leads. Now it’s up to you to convert these Leads into Sales. During this last meeting you will learn the last few things necessary to manage your ads budget independently. We will also make our suggestions for you to get the best value out of your investment but you will be free to handle it as you prefer.

Let us make the footwork and handle of all the technical troubles while you focus on what you do best: taking care of your business

what's included?

  • FB Pixel and Events setup

    Keep track of every user that interacts with your ads and make them easily reachable through retargeting campaigns.

  • Creative Images for Ads

    Selection & creation of imagery for your ads. These are going to capture the attention of your potential customers.

  • Ads Professional Copywriting

    Writing powerful and effective ads is a profession. This is what conquers or chase away your leads.

  • Traffic & Interaction Campaigns

    These Facebook Ads campaigns have the objective of reaching and establish a contact with your Target Audience.

  • Overall Optimization

    While running your campaigns we can spot areas for improvement and take action to optimize the final results.

  • Target Audience Study

    Identifying your target audience will help in ensuring your ads are shown to the right people.

  • Facebook Audiences setup

    Show your ads to people that have already shown an interest on your business or similar audiences.

  • Lead Magnet

    An incentive that you can offer to a potential customer to obtain his trust and therefore contact details.

  • Lead Generation Campaigns

    Promote the lead magnet to get real signs of interest from your potential customers.

  • 4 x Zoom 1-to-1 Meetings

    1 meeting to collect all theinformation to set up your campaigns + 3 to train you and hand-over.

and it's all...


No Quality Leads? 100% Refund!

We mean business and we have the confidence to offer a “Results or Refund” Guarantee: if for any unpredicted reason our DMO Level I strategy does not generate any Quality Leads as promised we will refund you 100% of our fees!

It's a Results driven, Guaranteed, Hassle-free package.

The only risk that you take here, is you might start liking us.



$5440 $3790
  • Facebook Pixel & Events Setup
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Facebook Audiences
  • Professional Ads Copywriting
  • Advertisement Imagery
  • Lead Magnet
  • Traffic & Interaction Campaigns
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • 30 Days Optimization
  • 4 x Planning, Training + Hand-over Meetings

Frequently Asked

After taking control of your campaigns, you will have 3 months of time to request a refund if the Minimum Acceptable Volume (MAV) of Quality Leads is not achieved.

Someone who has shown a clear interest in your product/service by requesting information, quotes or responding to sponsored ads. That doesn’t mean that this person is immediately ready to buy. The buyer’s decision time can vary and for obvious reasons not all Leads will convert into sales.

Once you start generating Leads, you will need to follow up with your sales strategy to qualify your leads, confirm their interest and keep in touch. We will provide you with a few actionable suggestions of ours to help getting the best out of the process.

During our first meeting we will calculate the potential value of each Lead.This is calculated by multiplying the number of transactions by the average value of each transaction. Example: If on average, a client spends $500 and returns 3 times, the total transactions value will be $500 * 3 = $1500.

If your first month ads budget is $1000, a single client would cover your ads investment. MAV is the number of converted leads that would cover your ads investment.

We are confident that you will have many more than just enough Leads to justify your investment value but if that isn’t not the case, we will refund you of all our fees (sponsored ads budget excluded).

Only you can know it. To make realistic prediction we would need to know a lot more about you. However, if you sign up, you will start discovering your potential already from the first meeting.

We got your back! We offer hourly billed Consultations and as Level I Client you will have a lifetime special discount of 10% for random meetings or up to 40% on consultation packages. Standard Consultation charges = US $120/hour

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